About Us / History of Marchand

Marchand is a family business founded by Irina Predusel in 1992, shortly after the fall of the Eastern Bloc. Before starting to deal with natural casings, we engaged in a series of activities such as running supermarkets and a beef slaughterhouse.Since we began to work with natural casings in 1996, our management has continuously channeled all its energy into providing better products to sausage factories around Romania and building a strong reputation.

This dedication is testified by the company’s immediate rise on the casings market; by 2000 Marchand was already the biggest importer and distributor on the market. Marchand proudly played an important role in the development of the casings industry in Romania, by constantly searching and opening new markets, by setting new standards and by bringing out fresh ideas, while at the same time building a solid name for Romania as a relevant importer on the international market.

In 2006, the company inaugurated a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Magurele, in the south of Bucharest, that gave start to its own production of natural casings. Today, Marchand has already reached a remarkably high quality standard in the production of natural casings. This achievement has been made possible by our company’s presence at all stages of the supply chain: slaughterhouse, production and distribution.

This constant and close presence is what allows Marchand to reach the desired standard and to effectively meet the needs of all our clients.

In 2008, Marchand also started to work with pork by-products, a new development that is the demonstration of the company’s view for the future: it will try to add value to the animal wherever it can and distribute part of this value to its partners.

Since 2012, our management has become second generation, and the company is more determined than ever to carry on its commitment in being a key player on the Romanian market and an active competitor on the international ones.

In October 2013 the Ilfov Chamber of Commerce awarded Irina Predusel, the great distinction of Best Business Woman of 2012, under the Best Manager Award.