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The Marchand Brand

Marchand’s ambition is to create a world in which, just as they did centuries ago, people will enjoy natural food as part of their day-to-day life. We bring you this vision by providing the highest quality of natural products at reasonable rates.

This would be in the benefit of clients and consumers by facilitating universal access to our products while –at the same time- inspiring a multitude of others to follow the same path. 

Natural foods are often being replaced with alternative unhealthy solutions –that for different reasons frequently become a routine- and rarely average consumers have  a say in what is offered to them. At Marchand, we understand our consumers and we regard their well-being as the most important element at stake. Marchand’s culture is what inspires our decision to create legacy and to define excellence, by promising to cherish the natural and the tradition, while also nurturing openness to innovative ways.

We respect the past, live the present and cherish the future at every step of the process with which we – as a second generation family company – provide solutions for the processing and distribution of natural casings (sheep, hog and beef) to sausage factories and natural casing dealers across the world. 

We build and nurture relationships based on equality, cooperation and transparency for all of our stakeholders –Clients, Partners and Employees. Together, we are Marchand.

The idea that drives us

Marchand is not your average natural casings company - we are constantly working on defining and setting the standard, in order to craft sausage casings that are natural and create an authentic quality product.

Marchand is the ultimate solution for those who enjoys a truly delicious and authentic natural product defined by the highest quality value. This is our ‘brand ideology’ that sets the course of everything we do.

Quality is not just a headline we use for the purpose of representing what we do. It is something we demonstrate through our work and final product.