Quality - International Standards

At Marchand we guarantee standards of quality management system and food safety, by adopting ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000:2005 as an integrated standard system. The framework of quality standards provided by ISO are respected  throughout the world.

Through the years, Marchand has consistently sought to meet the necessary requirements to fulfill this standard and to assure the highest quality.

Records provide evidence that we constantly allocated resources to ensure that all our products meet customers’ needs and requirements, while a consistent system of customer satisfaction is in place to guide us towards further development and improvement.

Our quality system is regularly audited and evaluated to conformance and effectiveness by Bureau Veritas, a world leader independent body that audits certification standards worldwide.

ISO 9001:2000

Marchand is ISO 9001:2000 certified, as a demonstration of our commitment to the set of requirements needed in order to meet the standard of a quality management system. This is what helps us to assure products that would satisfy customers’ expectations.

Marchand has constantly tried to meet this standard in many ways, for example:

  • by employing a quality policy which is understood and followed at all levels and by all employees;
  • by demonstrating the ability to consistently provide products that meets customers and regulatory requirements;
  • by enhancing processes for continual improvement of the system, such as a system of customer satisfaction.

ISO 22000:2005

Marchand complies to the standards of ISO 22000:2005, the global food safety management standard used to establish and certify the requirements for a food safety management system (FSMS).

Among other things, such requirements enable Marchand:

  • to plan, implement, operate, maintain and update a food safety management system aimed at providing products that are safe for the consumer;
  • to demonstrate compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory food safety requirements;
  • to evaluate, assess and demonstrate conformity to customer requirements that relate to food safety;
  • to ensure conformity in our stated food safety policy.