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Own production of hog intestines

By Employing quality and traceability as our main principles in the production of hog intestines we ensure that our clients al­ways receive the product they have demanded.

The above principles are successfully employed in Marchand’s production through our presence at all stages of the production chain, namely:

  • production and cleaning (at the slaughterhouse);
  • selection (at our plant);
  • distribution;

Hog Casings

Our production of hog casings yields a full range of calibers( from 28/30 to 42/44) and qualities (AA, A, AB). Our hog casings can be hanked and packed according to each client’s individual wish:

  • zip tube hog casings;
  • hard tube hog casings;
  • salted hog casings;
  • net packed hog casings;

Hog Chitterlings

Marchand’s very well salted and defatted chitterlings can be either original or sorted. The method of hanking and packing is done on request.

Hog Fatends

Marchand’s fatends are available unsorted and also sorted. They can be tied or untied, inside in or inside out and are very well defatted.

Hog Caps

Marchand’s caps are available in three different sizes: small, medium and large ones.

Hog Bladders

Marchand’s bladders can be either well cleaned, defatted and salted but also dried. Dried blad­ders can come in a variety of sizes starting at 15/20 cm and going up to 35+ cm

Salted Hog Stomach

Marchand’s stomachs can have a pouch cut or a butterfly cut according to what the client needs.

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