The Process

The presence of Marchand at all the stages of the production chain guarantees that the casings we produce have an unfailing high quality.

We believe that the supervision of the process from the first stage of production, in the slaughterhouses, is the best practice for the production of natural casings. In this way, our casings remain and look fresh, do not change color and have an appealing look.

Marchand’s Production Chain

After an attentive supervision in the slaughterhouses, we select the products in our plant. Here, several quality inspectors make sure that the goods that do not have an appropriate quality will not reach our customers. We are able to ensure this thanks to the importance we place on traceability.

Our distribution is carried out by experienced personnel on the Romanian market. They are able to understand the idiosyncratic needs of each customer and to deliver them the goods that would best satisfy their needs.