Products in Marchand's Portfolio

Natural Casings

Our company offers a wide range of specifications for natural casings sourced from pork, sheep, and beef, customized to the needs and requirements of our customers. These natural casings can be used in various applications, and we are ready to provide personalized solutions for each individual customer.

Pork By-Products

Pork by-products derived from the processing of the intestinal package, intended for human consumption.

Crude Heparin

Heparin is a natural anticoagulant derived from the mucosa obtained during the cleaning process of hog casings; however, to be used in medical treatments, it must undergo a process of purification and concentration of the active ingredient, heparin. Thus, raw heparin undergoes several processing stages before becoming a suitable active pharmaceutical ingredient for use in anticoagulant medications.

The intermediate product called crude heparin is a critically important anticoagulant in the pharmaceutical industry, with a history of use spanning over 100 years. This medication is included in the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines and is considered a safe, effective, and essential active substance in the field of healthcare.

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